Re: How to make something runnable from the web

"Andrew Thompson" <u32984@uwe>
Sun, 08 Apr 2007 18:51:21 GMT
jt wrote:

Here is my zip file (it's only 32 kb and not closed)

The source required changes before it would compile.
Most notably, the package name 'theGame' did not
match the directory of the code, 'test'.

After changing the directory/package name to 'chess'.
I ..made other changes as well - too tired to remember
what exactly, it compiled.

I did some tweaking based on what you said and what I found online. I
get a jnlp out of the process now but I'm not sure what to do with it
after it's created. I tried copying it to my website but when I
started it up with jws, I got an error saying "Unable to start application".

The console should be providing more information
(check the other tabs for stack traces), but I am not
sure what to tell you, since the Jar archive you are
using is probably not the same as what I got to compile.

Your package, however, works fine. Could it be because there are
multiple source files to compile in my java/src directory?

No. That build file will compile any number of source files, once..

..Maybe I need
to make a change to the build.xml file or something?

..I had made some changes to it as well, to account for
the 'enum' code .

Any help you could give would be fantastic... I'm trying to get a handle
on this stuff so that I can put things on the web for people to try when
I run into a problem.

..hmm. Most folks around here would prefer
source code, or more usually, an SSCCE.
& it is only now that I have managed to get your
code on-screen, that I realise it has no GUI!
Web start is not especially suited to launching
console apps.

Will this application have a GUI eventually?

Question- I've done some reading and I have run into something that
talks about signing my jar file. How relevant is this to my somewhat
small and simple application?

Not relevant to this code, so far. If you strike the limits
of the security sandbox, you will tend to see exceptions
with the word 'Security' in them.

Andrew Thompson

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