Re: How to copy one jar inside another

"Andrew Thompson" <u32984@uwe>
Sat, 05 May 2007 17:21:24 GMT
Mark Space wrote:

...There doesn't seem to be a way to

* The answer is..

do it, automagically, which is unfortunate. I could write my own
classloader ..

That requires a VM, and almost every modern VM comes
with web start as standard.

..or take other rather extreme measures, but I was hoping to
avoid that. I'm sure there is a tool to do this already written,

* Sun calls it web start. It allows the developer to add
resources to the classpath (including natives) and groups
of common jar's can be separated into 'extensions' that
can easily be used by any number of applications.

The end user experience** is straightforward and painless,
and the installer can create desktop shortcuts and menu
items at the user's request.

Here are some simple examples of web start
applications and web start API services..

** Once you are over the mild hurdle of determining if the
system is configured to understand JNLP launch files.

Still looking for helpful answers from helpful people...

Communication is a two way street.

Andrew Thompson

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