Re: How to communicate from HTML page with an IP which is not the web-server?

"Andrew Thompson" <u32984@uwe>
Mon, 14 May 2007 11:20:48 GMT
DavidNorep wrote:

What is OP?

'Original Poster'.

..Does it refer to me - the originator of this thread?


(English is not my mother tongue).

Thanks for your efforts - I do not know any other language.

I am sorry if I was not very clear - I want that the applet will be
downloaded from some web-server and communicate with a program in
another non-server computer.

Can you communicate between a Java app. (of any variety)
and your.. 'port at a certain IP' at the moment?

I like Java but ...


I am worried about the hassles of installing the JRE,

Most computers come with it. Most other PCs - the
user either will not, or cannot, install Java.
Though that being said ..*.

the security issues and also general problems,

For the developer, perhaps in some ways. On the other
hand, if end users have the confidence that the Java
Plug-In is secure and safe, and updated promptly
when found otherwise, that helps encourage them
to install/enable it.

...for example, now I cannot run applets ..

Applets always have, and always will, be problematic.
Best avoid them completely.

I recommend you go for an application launched using
web start. It will still need to be signed by you, and
trusted by the end user, but that code signing does
not have to cost anything.

Here are some web start examples..
A self signed application.
A (sandboxed) example of both an applet and application.

As an added bonus, once the end user has any web
start enabled version of the Java Plug-In installed, web
start launch can also ..
* ensure minimum Java versioning, complete with
guiding some users through an easy update process,
if needed.

Andrew Thompson

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