Re: How can I write values in a properties-File which is located in a JAR without copying the whole JAR?

"Andrew Thompson" <u32984@uwe>
Fri, 17 Aug 2007 13:38:43 GMT
Lew wrote: wrote:

Will other applications be able to access the properties-file in the
subfolder? Is there a way of limiting the access to the properties-
file only to my application?


It's the customer's computer, not yours.

Actually, if using the web start PS, apps. are limited to
'addresses' based upon the JNLP codebase*, so they can
corrupt and mess up files for apps. from the same
codebase, but no other ones**.


* "An application is only allowed to access data stored with a
URL that is based on its codebase. For example, given the
codebase, the application
would be allowed to access the data at the associated URLs:
This scheme allows sharing of data between different applications
from the same host. "

The first method I outlined, using something that was
supposed to represent the package name or similar of the
main() class of the app., as the sub-directory, is a 'good bet'
way to avoid name collisions with files written by other
applications. Put them in the root of user.home, at your own
risk, but nothing will save them from intentional sabotage.

** Of course, the user or their Sys. Admin., can do pretty
much the heck what they want, including relocating the
entire cache, or uninstalling parts, or all of an app.

Andrew Thompson

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