Re: How can I write values in a properties-File which is located in a JAR without copying the whole JAR?

"Andrew Thompson" <u32984@uwe>
Sat, 18 Aug 2007 01:52:16 GMT
Thomas Hawtin wrote:

I don't know a lot about JNLP and I'm not sure if it allows my
application to do all the things like usual,

While a singed, trusted, all-permissions app. can do
anything a standard desk-top app. can do, the JNLP
API allows even *sandboxed* apps. to do most of the
more interesting things.

So long as your database driver is written in pure Java and uses sockets
to connect to the same machine the JNLP application was downloaded from,
you shouldn't have a problem.

There are APIs (javax.jnlp) to access files and directories.

E.G. <>

...This does
however throw some pointless dialog boxes.

Not if the app. is signed, requests extended privileges,
and is trusted by the end-user. e.g.
( Oh, well - I suppose you might need to take my
word for it - given your ..attitude to digitally signed
apps. ;)

Andrew Thompson

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