Re: How do I use a file as argument?

"Andrew Thompson" <u32984@uwe>
Sat, 22 Sep 2007 16:26:30 GMT
Craig wrote:

I am to the point on the Windows version where my setup program will
create a custom file type that will lead to my program being executed
with a double click on the given file.


What I'm missing is how to load the file when the program is called. I
guess I need some init stuff like:

Java web start offers the option to associate a filetype
with a JWS application (or at least, prompt the user to
allow the association).

The end result is that the program is called with
arguments like "-open filename".

Here is an example of using the JNLP API's
FileOpenService to gain the file itself.
filetest.jnlp is an 'all-permissions' version of
the demo, while filetest-sandbox.jnlp demonstrates
the same in a sandboxed app.

Note that an all-permissions app. could avoid using
the FOS, and simply establish a "new File(filename)".


Andrew Thompson

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