Re: JAR in a JAR

"Andrew Thompson" <>
23 Aug 2006 06:52:46 -0700
Furious George wrote:

Andrew Thompson wrote:

JPractitioner wrote:

However, I am trying to keep all .class .xml .dtd .jar that my program
is depending on ... into one big JAR only. This way, I can hide the JAR
file and xml file that i am depending on.

That strategy will fail. Someone that wanted to know
could crack open the files (each successive layer)
with (a program as generic as) Winzip.

Correct. Obviously cracking open the files will be trivial.

What is it about the code that is so bad
you want to hide it, anyway?

I assumed that the OP meant his clients were brain-damaged imbeciles
who could not deal with the concept of multiple jar files.

Ohhh.. right. That concept had not occured to me.

It is trivial to put everything into one jar file.

Good point, that would achieve just the same
effect fir the situation that you described, ...

But I still disagree with that strategy, when this
can be done more effectively using WebStart.
WebStart can not only 'hide' all the disparate
jar's behind a single URL, but ..

a) if any one of those jars is required by a second
(or further) project/s, the end user can get both
projects on-screen while only dowloading the
common classes once.
b) If the classes in one (e.g. small) jar are updated,
the user can get an (automatic) update of just that
one jar. Much more efficient.

Andrew T.

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