Re: Jar file only works on my pc

"Andrew Thompson" <>
4 Feb 2007 05:12:46 -0800
On Feb 4, 10:13 pm, wrote:

thanks a lot! Didn't know you could have jar applets, i'll look into
it. Also, I will look into the webstart stuff.


here's the jar file:

Here's an example..
...or more specifically..

That JNLP specifies a minimum Java of 1.6+,
and gives a download URL from Sun. It is
premature though, because at this moment,
there is no 'auto download' available for 1.6,
so if your friend would be willing to send you/us
some screenshots, that would be most

The exact JNLP file shown there, is..

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' ?>
<jnlp spec='1.0'
    <title>Shut The Box</title>
    <vendor>Stinkin' Rich</vendor>
    <description kind='one-line'>
      Test of the ShutTheBox application using Java 1.6+
    <offline-allowed />
    <j2se version='1.6+' href='
j2se' />
    <jar href='hello.jar' main='true' />
  <application-desc main-class='ShutTheBox' />

You would need to change the codebase, for
your own site.

I noticed that the application does not resize
very well. That indicate the layouts are used
in a fragile way, or set to null, or something

It would pay to fix the (underlying) problem,
but failing that, you might set your frame to
resizable 'false'.

Andrew T.

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