Re: jview vs java.exe (speed)

"Andrew Thompson" <>
31 Aug 2006 10:35:29 -0700
Thomas Magma wrote:

..Am I doing something wrong? If not, how do I reinstall jview?

1) Get a time machine..

The work I mainly use Java for is internal lab work. Java is great at
crunching numbers and I really need the speed and not so much the
portability. So what I just did to solve my speed problem was to install the
MSJVM off the net (msjavx86.exe) and then install an old JDK which is needed
to compile.

For the application I was running I noticed a speed difference of just over
10 times. That's not mice nuts. I'm not sure why Sun can't make their
java.exe perform at a level equivalent (or even close) to jview? I mean,
aren't they the ones that developed the language in the first place?

You have struck one of the area where the MSVM shines
brightly - it is fast at what (little) it does. Although I have
never seen a repeatable test that supported it was *ten*
times faster than the Sun JVM, when doing raw number
crunching, it usually beat the Sun VM by a factor
of at least 2-4 (twice to four times as fast), from memory.

I suspect that part of it is that MS used lower level
calls to the hardware, much lower and faster than what
they are prepared to publicly document.
If that is the case, they would always have the potential
to build a faster VM than Sun could.

Also, Sun seems to concentrate their efforts on optimising
other things, rather than raw number-crunching ability
(which is rarely the bottleneck).

(concedes) You might still be able to find an
'unauthorised' distribution of the MSVM on the net.
Someone was offering it some time ago after MS
withdrew it's JVM from IE. I have not checked
recently if the site is still active, and do not have the
URL handy. I suppose Google is your best bet there.

Andrew T.

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