Re: JWS app does not update.

"Andrew Thompson" <>
14 Nov 2006 08:18:34 -0800
<> wrote:


I'm familiar with the rules for JWS automatics updates, but my machine
doesn't seem to follow those rules and the application is frequently
stale (even when redeployed off the web).

There are any number of reasons a JWS app.
might not update as you might expect.

Some of them are in the Java Plug-In configuration,
others in the JNLP*, still others dependant on network
availability (JWS will only ever wait 'so long' before
abandoning a server check and using cached

What could be the cause of this?

See the JWS Plug-In config., *post the URL
to your JNLP, ..and check the network connection
and server speed..

For example, does one need to restart one's browser?


Restart one's computer?


Clear out temporary files?

Yes. But only when done ..
- From the Java control panel (not the browser's cache)
- Using the JWS (command line) -uninstall parameter.

Now - since I've provided (some) help on your JWS
matter, I could use some help (at least test results)
on mine. Details here..

Andrew T.

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