Re: Web Interface

"Andrew Thompson" <>
3 Aug 2006 07:17:10 -0700
<> wrote: wrote:

Hey guys,

I was wondering about something. Is it possible for me to build an
application in Java and then some how give access to that application
via the web, if so how can i do that?

Thanks a lot guys!!

Write a small applet that then calls the application. You can the
access it from the web.

Sure you can, but if the applet is untrusted, the
application will be as well.

I do not see the point of adding the extra complication
of an applet, when you might simply link directly to a
..jar file containg a manifest that names the 'main'.

That will get the application on-screen (or downloaded)
faster and more effectively than an applet.

Java WebStart is a good way to do *versioning* for an
application, but you would probably need to sign it to
get back the kind of access (full) that people generally
expect from applications.

But ..a question for the OP.

Did you mean, how can you have your application
*stay* on the server, and only give back HTML
(web pages with program results) to the user?

Andrew T.

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