Re: WebLogic 9.2: SSPI impl required when Extension-Name is in MANIFEST.MF

"Karl Uppiano" <>
Sat, 23 Sep 2006 05:26:13 GMT
"Karl Uppiano" <> wrote in message

When my RAR MANIFEST.MF contains the following entries,

   Extension-Name: my-ra
   Specification-Vendor: my-vendor
   Implementation-Vendor: my-vendor
   Implementation-Title: my-ra
   Implementation-Version: my-version

WebLogic 9.2 throws the exception:

   weblogic.connector.exception.RAException: Trying to version a resource
adapter that is not versionable

.when I attempt to activate changes to my newly installed application

It seems supremely presumptuous of WebLogic to assume that I intend to
implement versionable support simply because Maven elects to include
versioning information in all archives that it generates. My question is,
does anyone know how I might either

a) Make an entry in the RA deployment descriptor to disable the appserver
from attempting to version the RA, or
b) Inhibit the Maven archiver from making the entries that are inciting
WebLogic to attempt to version the RA


Lest anyone suspect that I have not done my research, let me allay your

1. I subscribe to the Maven mailing list, and it seems to be the consensus
over there that the manifest versioning entries occur by default with
earlier archiver plug-ins, but the Maven 2.1 archiver is supposed to omit
those entries. However, the 2.1 RAR plug-in apparently still puts them in.
2. I am still waiting to hear back from BEA tech support.
3. I have Googled the snot out of this, and turned up next to nothing about
how to get WebLogic 9.2 to ignore the manifest versioning entries. WebLogic
9.1 works fine with or without them.

I would be interested to hear from anyone who has any experience with this.

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