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Tom Anderson wrote:

Also, patronising as this is, some excellent advice my father once
gave me was the usefulness of "friends in low places". In practice,
getting things done is easier if you know the receptionist, the
secretary and the security guard than if you know every C*O on the org

Just to further endorse this point, sales training literature emphasizes
the importance of the secretary/receptionist/admin.asst. to anyone
desiring access to his/her boss. Smart bosses put a lot of faith in
such personnel, and approve of them filtering out losers.

"I observed here and there many in the Habit of Servants, with a
blown Bladder fastned like a Flail to the End of a short Stick,
which they carried in their Hands. In each Bladder was a small
Quantity of dried Pease, or little Pebbles, (as I was afterwards
informed.) With these Bladders they now and then flapped the Mouths
and Ears of those who stood near them, of which Practice I could not
then conceive the Meaning. It seems the Minds of these People are so
taken up with intense Speculations, that they neither can speak, nor
attend to the Discourses of others, without being rouzed by some
external Taction upon the Organs of Speech and Hearing; for which
Reason those Persons who are able to afford it always keep a Flapper
in their Family, as one of their Domesticks; nor ever walk abroad or
make Visits without him. And the Business of this Officer is, when
two or more Persons are in Company, gently to strike with his Bladder
the Mouth of him who is to speak, and the right Ear of him or them to
whom the Speaker addresses himself. This Flapper is likewise employed
diligently to attend his Master in his Walks, and upon Occasion to
give him a soft Flap on his Eyes; because he is always so wrapped up
in Cogitation, that he is in manifest Danger of falling down every
Precipice, and bouncing his Head against every Post; and in the
Streets, of jostling others, or being jostled himself into the
Kennel." -- Lemuel Gulliver

Eric Sosman

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