Re: Web Applet Certificate

"Andrew Thompson" <>
11 Sep 2006 09:31:44 -0700
Barkster wrote:

I have a web applet that I signed myself but I'm having issues with
some people not being able to figure out to accept it correctly and
select cancel and remember setting then make the applet inoperable. I
have a digital certificate for my website that I purchased from xramp.
How do I get this thing signed so it doesn't prompt.

No such thing is possible. If an all-permissions Web-Started
application or applet could get on-screen without any warnings
to, or questioning of, the client - that would be a security hole.

'sandboxed' JWS apps. are a different matter.

..When I first
created I looked into signing it and thought it was about 1k to have it

Your applet is already 'signed' if you signed it properly
with a self-signed certificate, it is just the your
certificate cannot be verified, whereas the sort of
'1k' certificates you are thinking of, can be (verified
back to the issuing authority).

..Ouch. Are there any affordable options??

The good news is, there are a number of sources of
free certificates that *are* verified. The Thawte 'freemail'
certificate is one such beasty. They generally have
a more generic name than the 'expensive' ones.

Ultimately though, the end-user will still be asked
if they wish to 'accept the code signed by..'


Andrew T.

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