Re: web start

"Andrew Thompson" <>
20 Mar 2007 19:06:32 -0700
On Mar 21, 5:31 am, ivan danicic <i...@goaway.spam> wrote:

..When I try to access the "example.jnlp" by
clicking on the relevant href ..

Do you specifically mean the link is
coming from a web page? Web start projects
can be started and tested from the command
line, directly off the local file system
(which I highly recommend, as it saves the
trouble of uploading a new copy for every test).

..I get the error message "unable to load
resource file example.jar".

Is that message copy/pasted? Something sounds
slightly odd with it.

..I suspect this has something to do with

I don't think so. Security problems are
generally long and verbose, and include
the word 'security' in some prominent form.

It is much more likely that the comnination
of codebase and relative path does not point
to where the 'example.jar' actually resides.

That makes the message quite logical - if
web start is not able to *find* the resource,
it will be 'unable to load' it.

..I have done nothing about "signing" any files.

(I suggest) forget that for the moment, we
can deal with code permissions/trust later,
if needed.

..Any suggestions gratefully received.

Is your JNLP file private/confidenial? Can
you show it to us, or better, link to a publicly
available version?

If 'yes it is private', can you create a version
that is *not* private and shows the same behaviour,
and post the entire JNLP file here?

(Note that it is quite common for folks to
make a 'confidential' JNLP 'non-confidential'
by changing the codebase, but I am hoping we
can avoid that, as it complicates figuring
where web start is looking for the files.)

Andrew T.

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