Re: Invoke Local System service through Web Client

"Oliver Wong" <>
Fri, 15 Sep 2006 20:28:29 GMT
"Lalit" <> wrote in message

Hi All,
I have a requirement in my J2EE web application that the web client
must be able to invoke local system service. Actually i want my web
client to be able to print on a printer connected locally. I know the
rule of web application is that it can not perform Files I/O with the
local system because of the serious security issues.
Can you suggest any way using applet or java web start or other than
these. The motive is to write on file "lpt1".

    You could try using Java's printing API, though they are hard to work
with (IMHO), and you might still face security restrictions.

    The other solution is to sign your web client, so that users may grant
permission to local resources (including file IO).

    If you need more details, please specify whether your web client is an
HTML embedded applet, a Java Web Start Applet, a Java Web Start Application,
or something else.

    - Oliver

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