Re: Invoke Local System service through Web Client

"Andrew Thompson" <>
18 Sep 2006 01:57:25 -0700
Lalit wrote:


    If you need more details, please specify whether your web client is an
HTML embedded applet, a Java Web Start Applet, a Java Web Start Application,
or something else.

My application currently using JSP and JS only. I can use applets or
any Java Web Start application if necessery (However i m not willing
to), as i heard that web pages are not allowed to use local properties.

An applet in a web page, as well as a JWS application or
applet can do everything a normal application can do. So
long as..
 - The code is signed.
 - The user accepts the signed code (when asked by Java)

(Note that while an unsigned JWS application or applet *can*
print using the javax.jnlp.PrintService, it still requires the
end user's confirmation/permission - there are no 'free lunches'
when it comes to printing from a web-page - it requires the end
user's active involvement)

But that requirement is only to solve the purpose of printing data
locally from my web page.

The thing is, that is a big 'only'. If it were easy for a
'plain old web-page' to dump 300 page prints to a user's
printer without their active consent, that would be a huge

Is it possible to add only one button of the applet on my JSP page?

Probably not in the way you are thinking of.

You might have an applet in a page that automatically
tries to send a print (it does not need any buttons),
but the code would have to be signed, and the user
would be asked if they want to let this applet have
'unrestricted access' (or words similar) to the user's PC.

Why not offer the document itself to the web-surfer?
Let them decide whether they want to print it.

Andrew T.

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