Re: need help on compatibility problem!

"Andrew Thompson" <>
10 Oct 2006 01:37:18 -0700
NeoGeoSNK wrote:

Andrew Thompson wrote:

NeoGeoSNK wrote:

Andrew Thompson wrote:

NeoGeoSNK wrote:

I receive an Exception when excute a jar that compiled from jdk
"do not use gui.GUI.add(), use gui.GUI.getContentPane().add instead" on
jvm 1.4.2_08
However, i don't want to change the source code :). Is there sb can
give me some suggestion?


I.E. launch it using webstart, and in the JNLP..

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>




the program must access local files, if I launch it using webstart,
should i use JNLP API to accomplish this?

A webstart application can access local files at least two ways.
1) unstrusted app. using the JLNP API FileService, but if you do
not want to alter the code, the other option is to ..
2) sign it, and request either all-permissions or
j2ee-client-application-premissions in the JNLP launch file. i also need to modify the
original source code?

Option 1) yes, option 2) no. addition ,how can i config the
"codebase="http://.." if the jnlp file is in current directory? the
only way i know is like: codebase="file:///D:\...", but it's a absolute

A JNLP launch file can be tested this way..
Open a command prompt pointing to the directory of the
JNLP file, then type (something like)..

  javaws -codebase file:. file:./thejnlp.jnlp

...that should load the WebStart manager, replacing the
codebase in 'thejnlp.jnlp' with the current directory.

(Note the codebase in the JNLP file can be a complete
lie, the launch file does not need to exist on the net, for
this to work)


Andrew T.

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