Re: Need role based access on a DAO

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Fri, 24 Jul 2009 20:57:56 -0400
pramodr wrote:

On Jul 24, 6:23 am, Arne Vajh?j <> wrote:

pramodr wrote:

I have a design problem described as follows.
I have a simple application which I need to make secure, which
currently is not. I am planning to implement security at the DAO
level. For instance I have a DAO, say AuditScheduleDAO which requires
a role based access. A user with role admin can add/modify/view an
AuditSchedule in the DB (Postgres db) thru the DAO. However the admin
cannot delete it, which could be done only by the superAdmin.
Similarly I have a two more other roles - auditor (add/view only) ,
user (view only)
What could be the best design possible ? I use struts as front end
and tomcat 5.5 server. I am planning to implement JAAS security and
<security-constraint> defined in web.xml to protect the urls whichever
are not accessible, however I cannot use <security-constraint> for
role based access of java objects.
Any suggestions ?

I am skeptical about the approach. I believe that the security
should be implemented in the business logic layer not in the
data access layer.

I would find it very tempting to use AOP for this. More
specifically AspectJ.

Thanks but I still dont not know if JAAS could be used to protect a
method inside a class. I heard that JAAS could be used to protect
codebase (jar/classes) from unauthorised access. Not sure how to apply
security at the method level.

I can not see why JAAS could not be used to protect the method
call. JAAS can check any permission anywhere in the code.

(as far as I remember - it is a long time since I have used JAAS)


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