Re: access levels for private field which is inherited

Lew <>
Sun, 13 Apr 2008 07:41:05 -0400
thufir wrote:

Would someone provide an example where Foo extends Bar and there are
private fields in Bar which Foo uses in its constructor(s)? Seems a
conundrum...Using the following example:

Lothar Kimmeringer wrote:

Without reflection there is no way, but given your example
you just need to call setName(name) to achieve your intention.

Stay away from reflection for this.

To call setName() from the constructor safely, the method must be final.
Non-final methods called from a constructor are a major risk factor.

Really the superclass needs a constructor with a name argument, if it's
intended that subclasses extend off the name. Since Bar does not have a
constructor that takes 'name', then its subclasses should not try to construct
the with a parent 'name'. If Bar did have a 'public Bar( String name )'
constructor, then Foo would invoke that:

public Foo( String name )
   super( name );

You cannot directly access private members of other classes.


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