Re: access levels for private field which is inherited

Mark Space <>
Sun, 13 Apr 2008 09:37:03 -0700
Lothar Kimmeringer wrote:

thufir wrote:

Would someone provide an example where Foo extends Bar and there are
private fields in Bar which Foo uses in its constructor(s)? Seems a
conundrum...Using the following example:

Without reflection there is no way, but given your example
you just need to call setName(name) to achieve your intention.

Even with reflection, is it possible? I was just playing around with
reflection and I noticed that the API only promises to return public
methods and fields. Maybe there's a sneaky "getAll" that I missed...

Anyway, calling super here is probably the best choice. Note than in
your example you must call super because Bar has no default constructor.

One can also provide a factory method such as newInstance below.

package attribs;

public class Foo extends Bar {
   private String id;
   public Foo(String name,String id){
     super( name ); // New line here
     // = name; // Get rid of this one = id
   static public Foo newInstance( String id ) {
     Foo f = new Foo( "default", id );
     f.setSomeOtherNonfinalProperty( "non" );
     return f;

package attribs;

public class Bar {

   private String name;

   public setName(String name) { = name;}

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