Re: Why is java considered a language for "web" or "internet" programming?

Tom Forsmo <>
Sat, 21 Oct 2006 02:09:40 +0200
Mishagam wrote:

Tom Forsmo wrote:


I am not saying it necessarily makes it simpler than e.g. perl or php,
but I wouldn't know since I haven't worked in such web project in a
long time and therefore don't know much about what
libraries/frameworks they use.

Java has very decent Servlet/JSP/JDBC set of tools and APIs for web
programming, making using Model/View/Controller method of web
programming relatively easy.

Just in case there was any confusion, when I said "such a web project" I
meant a php/perl project.

For this, if you use NetBeans, you get debugger where you can debug live
servlet, and even debug into JSP page - all this is much easier than in
any other tools I have seen.

Yes, this is another advantage of developing on a "classical"/scriptless
environment. There are more advanced tools that can assist you. And that
was one of my points, in one of the other posts. That for the moment
dynamically typed languages are not accepted as true development
languages/platforms, and hence lack the progress and tools that others do.

Also, after deployng all these servlets become preloaded bytecode and
then preloaded native code - so they run at native speed, which makes
them much faster than what can be achieved with interpreted language.

FYI, today's php/perl scripts are not run as standalone cgi processes
called by the web server when needed, as it used to do 10 years ago. It
has progressed, today they use e.g. apache mod_perl or mod_php, which
are C implementations of the languages integrated into the web server in
the same fashion as any other module running in the web server. They
compile the script at initial load and keep it cached in memory. So the
old argument that perl/php using cgi is so slow, is as outdated (this
means mod_perl/php is as fast if not faster than java in a web server).
By the way, some interpreted/dynamically typed languages, perform
comparably well to the old, "fastest language", C. Lisp, for example.


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