Re: "javaw.exe" does NOT prevent popup of black command prompt when starting GUI *.jar prgm

Lew <>
Mon, 28 Dec 2009 08:17:52 -0500
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Ulf Meinhardt wrote:

I read that when I start a GUI based java program with

javaw.exe -jar myprgm.jar

instead of

java.exe -jar myprgm.jar

then NO black command prompt console window is visible/poped up (under WinXP).

This is not true!

javaw.exe shows the command prompt window as well (in addition to the
actual GUI window)!!!
Is there really no way of preventing the popup of the console?

Donkey Hottie wrote:

Is this javaw.exe invocation in a batch file (.bat, .cmd)? If so, then
the console window will show.

It should not show up if the javaw is called directly from the shortcut.

Ulf Meinhardt wrote:

Yes, you are right.
It's in a *.bat batch file

How can I prevent the popup in this case?

I don't think you can, but this is a Windows question, not a Java question.

Are you able to arrange things so that you don't need a .bat file? By design,
JAR files are standalone distribution vehicles for Java applications and
should not need to run from script files. Just invoke javaw directly, as the
Don suggested.

You can also set up an association between javaw and the .jar extension so
that Windows will run a JAR by double-clicking on it.


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