Re: Java executables

"Andrew Thompson" <>
21 Nov 2006 04:29:56 -0800
Mary Walker wrote:

"Andrew Thompson" <> wrote in message

Mary Walker wrote:

I have written a java program but I would like to be able to send the
program to people with it's own, unique icon.


It can be simple to create a webstart launch for your
application, but it depends on a few details..
- can your application be run within an applet like
'security sandbox'? Or would it require things like
openning file, writing files, use the printer..

I just want a stand-alone application that runs from my hard-drive (or my
friend's hard drive) and yes, the application does read and write files so
sandbox out of the question. I'd like to design my own icon for this app so
that when my friend's install it on their machine, it is launched with this

That is not a real problem, especially if your friend trusts you
(enough to accept code signed by you).


When you say 'launched with this icon', what do you
mean? Where is this icon supposed to appear?

1) On the desk-top, to double click to launch
the application?

2) Or do you mean as an icon in the upper left
of a (J)Frame?

3) Some other place?

I have carefully reread all your posts, and I am still
not clear on this vital distinction.

If it is number one, JWS (and some installers, possibly)

If 2) - none of installers or JWS or 'trusted' matters,
as none of them are needed to provide a frame icon,
and *we* have all been overthinking your problem.

As examples - this project has a desktop icon, but no
frame icon - it gets the default Java 'coffe cup' image
on the frame <>.

Whereas this simple jar has a frame icon.

Andrew T.

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