Re: Java Axis client to a generic web service

"Mike Schilling" <>
Fri, 29 May 2009 15:53:12 -0700
Donkey Hottie wrote:

Lew <> wrote in

On May 29, 11:28 am, Alessandro <> wrote:

Hi all,

I'm not an expert about web service, I've already developed an
java client to a web service developed in Axis too. I've used the
very useful tool "WSDL2Java" implemented by web service to call
operations with very low effort, and downloading a web service

Now I have to develop another client to a web service but it
implement WSDl2Java tool unfortunately and so I can't use it.
Anyway I have WSDl file and I would like to use Axis.

Any example or suggestion ? Any other tool than WSDL2Java in this
case ?

WSDL2Java is a standalone tool, and will work if you have a WSDL.
You don't need the web service to "implement" it.

What Lew said, the Web Service does not have to be create using Axis
in order for You to use WSDL2Java.

The WSDL file is enough, and you can show it to Microsoft Visual
Studio, Netbeans IDE or any other too which can generate Web Service
client from WSDL. Such tools exist for many many languages from perl
to c to basic, for any imaginable platform.

So, pick your favorite toolkit or platform, and show him the WSDL!
The most important idea behind SOAP is platform indepedency. Any
language will do.

What Lew and Donkey said, with the caveat that (as we saw in another
thread) not all web service clients were created equal. If the WSDL or
schema for your web service use less common features, some clients may
support them better than others. (NetBeans didn't support the xs:time
datatype correctly. I know of no clients that support
document/encoded operations, of course, I know of no reference that
explains WTF document/encoded means.) But to the best of my
knowledge, Axis is quite complete, so it's a good one to try first.

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