Re: How to specify the main() class in "jar -cfe ..." ?

Lew <>
Sat, 03 Apr 2010 22:53:37 -0400
Raymond Schanks wrote:

Assume I want to create a jar archive with a command

jar -cfe myjar.jar <MainApp> *.class

for some classes. The entrypoint should be the main() method in class

What do I have to specify for <MainApp> in the command above?

Do I have to write:

jar -cfe myjar.jar main *.class


jar -cfe myjar.jar MyTestclass123 *.class

What if the main() class is the only main() method in all classes. Can
I omit it then and write simply

jar -cf myjar.jar *.class


Alan Malloy wrote:

This is not done with the jar CLI.

Sure it is, sometimes.
"e Sets entrypoint as the application entry point for stand-alone
applications bundled into executable jar file. The use of this option creates
or overrides the Main-Class attribute value ..."

Instead, you need to

Instead you may

include a special file in the jar, called a manifest.
It can specify lots of things, but of particular value for you is
that it specifies the main() class. Relevant links:

Manifest basics

Setting main() class

This latter link comes highly, or at least frequently recommended.


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