Re: how to read back the lines printed out to the console?

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Mon, 30 Jan 2012 19:34:52 -0500
On 1/30/2012 5:18 PM, Daniel Pitts wrote:

On 1/30/12 12:03 PM, frame wrote:

We have an existing Java program, which prints out a lot of message
using System.out.println() method to the console. There are about 500
those calls in the code. We hope to add one more feature: besides
print out to the console as it is doing now, we also want to store
those messages in a text file. So the message will be in two places:
one place -- the console -- is shown the message progressively as the
program is running; another place -- a text file -- is created at the
end of the program.

Since there are about 500 calls in the code, we don't want to add a
duplicated printing method at every printing place. I am thinking to
let the program run as usal, printing out all the messages to the
console, then before the program ends, having a method reading in
every line on the console, which was printed out previously. I just
don't know how to achieve that.

Perhaps System.out isn't the way to go. You might want to look into
logging frameworks, such as commons logging or log4j. They provide that
kind of flexibility and more.

If it is a serious program, then that should be the way forward.

If it is a standalone SE app the jul could be an option too.


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