Re: Including JAR files in Eclipse 4.2, specifically Rome (RSS Feed parser)

Lew <>
Thu, 2 May 2013 18:22:54 -0700 (PDT)
Arne Vajh=F8j wrote:

Lew wrote:

lipska the kat wrote:

Lew wrote:

You are guilty of straw-man argumentation, lipska.


It's spelled straw man, no hyphen


Incorrect. The hyphen is needed when a unit modifier (like "straw man" i=

n this case)

precedes the noun modified.

Many use it without hyphen:


None of those address the issue of unit modifiers that precede the noun mod=

You missed my point entirely.

Any compound phrase, like "straw man" or "fully realized", is spelled witho=
ut a hyphen when
it is in a standalone position in a sentence, that is, not used as an adjec=
tive preceding the noun.

When used as a unit modifier prior to a noun, it's hyphenated.

"The fallacy there is straw man."
"It is a straw-man argument."

"The project will be profitable once it is fully realized."
"Somehow the fully-realized project never made a profit."

So while it is true that "straw man" is spelled without a hyphen when the h=
yphen is
not required, that has no bearing on the misspelling that I called out.

I promise I will not try to correct you on fine points of non-English gramm=


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