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On 5/2/2013 9:22 PM, Lew wrote:

Arne Vajh?j wrote:

Lew wrote:

lipska the kat wrote:

Lew wrote:

You are guilty of straw-man argumentation, lipska.

It's spelled straw man, no hyphen

Incorrect. The hyphen is needed when a unit modifier (like "straw man" in this case)
precedes the noun modified.

Many use it without hyphen:

None of those address the issue of unit modifiers that precede the noun modified.

You missed my point entirely.

Any compound phrase, like "straw man" or "fully realized", is spelled without a hyphen when
it is in a standalone position in a sentence, that is, not used as an adjective preceding the noun.

When used as a unit modifier prior to a noun, it's hyphenated.

"The fallacy there is straw man."
"It is a straw-man argument."

"The project will be profitable once it is fully realized."
"Somehow the fully-realized project never made a profit."

So while it is true that "straw man" is spelled without a hyphen when the hyphen is
not required, that has no bearing on the misspelling that I called out.

Did you read the links?

Two of them provide examples without hyphen in front of argument/arguments.

Now - I am not an expert in the English Language, but some
googling seems to indicate that the rules is not as hard as you


Unit modifiers
6.15. Print a hyphen between words, or abbreviations and words,
         combined to form a unit modifier immediately preceding the word
         modified, except as indicated in rule 6.16 and elsewhere
         throughout this chapter. This applies particularly to
         combinations in which one element is a present or past

           agreed-upon standards Federal-State-local cooperation
           Baltimore-Washington road German-English descent
           collective-bargaining talks guided-missile program
           contested-election case hearing-impaired class
           contract-bar rule high-speed line
           cost-of-living increase large-scale project
           drought-stricken area law-abiding citizen
           English-speaking nation long-term loan
           fire-tested material line-item veto
           long-term-payment loan U.S.-owned property; U.S.-
           low-cost housing 1-inch diameter; 2-inch-
                                           diameter pipe
           lump-sum payment a 4-percent increase, the
                                           10-percent rise
           most-favored-nation clause but
           multiple-purpose uses 4 percent citric acid
           no-par-value stock 4 percent interest. (Note the
                                             absence of an article: a,
                                             an, or the. The word of is
                                             understood here.)
           one-on-one situation
           part-time personnel
           rust-resistant covering
           service-connected disability
           state-of-the-art technology
           supply-side economics
           tool-and-die maker
           up-or-down vote

6.16. Where meaning is clear and readability is not aided, it is not
         necessary to use a hyphen to form a temporary or made compound.
         Restraint should be exercised in forming unnecessary
         combinations of words used in normal sequence.

           atomic energy power national defense
           bituminous coal industry natural gas company
           child welfare plan per capita expenditure
           civil rights case Portland cement plant
           civil service examination production credit loan
           durable goods industry public at large
           flood control study public utility plant
           free enterprise system real estate tax
           ground water levels small businessman
           high school student Social Security pension
           elementary school grade soil conservation measures
           income tax form special delivery mail
           interstate commerce law parcel post delivery
           land bank loan speech correction class
           land use program but no-hyphen rule (readabi-
                                           lity aided); not no hyphen
           life insurance company
           mutual security funds



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