Re: Teaching Java, teaching what?

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On 12/9/2013 10:17 AM, Silvio wrote:

On 12/09/2013 02:34 PM, Stefan Ram wrote:

Silvio <> writes:

Why not have them write a simple Servlet or two?

   The time for teaching is very limited: I now often have only
   30 hours to take students from ?no programming experience
   whatsoever? to ?first steps with Swing? including exercises
   done in the classroom. When teaching Java with Swing, I need
   the JDK as the one single dependency: javac, java
   Main, and that's it.

   I have the impression that teaching servlets is more
   time-consuming, because the toolchain is longer and the
   configuration and application of more tools needs to be done
   and explained.

If you sufficiently wrap the embedded container inside a utility class
the toolchain becomes quite short and all the students would do is
define a Servlet class implementing a doGet method. They would need to
know some basics about a HTTPServletResponse but I suspect getting
started with even the most basic Swing stuff requires more knowledge

A desktop app is very standalone.

Web means:
- two apps: browser and server
- knowledge of at least HTML required (CSS and JS optional)
- a little bit of knowledge about HTTP and the interaction

And web is often less OO than desktop apps, which may move
focus from the purpose of the course.


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