Re: javax.servlet and javax.servlet.http

Lew <>
Tue, 24 Apr 2007 23:07:39 -0400
newbie_at_tomcat wrote:


I've followed the suggestion of Andrew Thompson (thanks Andrew) and this solves my immediate problem. I've added a (new) variable that points to the lib directory containing the servlet.jar file. But this only applies to the one project that contains my package. Is is possible to define this (Eclipse) system wide or do I need to do this for every project I (might) want to use javax.servlet and javax.servlet.http in?

You should probably ask Eclipse folks, or go to the website for

Normally one doesn't directly download the servlet JAR by itself, but gets a
servlet container like Tomcat or JBoss or WebSphere or Sun App Server or ...

These include all necessary libraries, and can be set up with the popular
IDEs. In fact, Eclipse, I think, and NetBeans, I know, come bundled with app
servers. You simply set up the project as a Web project and the IDE adds the
libraries at need.

IDEs also have a "library" feature that lets you define popular (to you) JARs
or sets of JARs to include at will. Things like Struts, JSTL or JSF come
packaged this way, and you can add custom libraries, say, log4j or Apache Commons.

Trying to make JSE work like JEE without taking down a whole JEE container
could get frustrating, though of course it can be done. Personally I take the
low road.


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