Re: Java web application frameworks / architecture

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Tue, 22 Sep 2009 18:09:58 -0400
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On Sep 22, 5:11 am, Arved Sandstrom <> wrote:

Lew wrote:

Arne Vajh?j wrote:

I would go for JSF, Hibernate, Axis2 and Richfaces. And use container
managed security.

Also Postgres for the back end.

The OP doesn't have any choice wrt the DB, apparently. However, I agree
with the general choices.

As far as Richfaces goes, I like the set of recommendations that the
author of
has. Richfaces fits in well with those.

Definite two-thumbs up regarding container-managed security. It's not
100% yet for every person's requirements, but I think it best to start
that way, and try to make it work. In the interests of fuller disclosure
the OP ought also to be aware of possibilities like Spring Security
once Acegi. The OP can refer also to

Does container managed security mean, that I must use a full blown
J2EE server like JBoss?
I'd rather stick to Tomcat.

Any compliant web container including Tomcat supports container
managed security.

A full app server has additional security features for EJB etc., but
I assume that you only want the web stuff.

And yet another question: Wicket and Grails claim to be so much more
simple than JSF etc. Is that true and
can I achieve the same results with simpler frameworks as with JSF,
Axis and Richfaces?
AFAIK Grails also makes use of Hibernate and Spring.

Wicket/Stripes/Grails are different from traditional Struts/JSF.

And try with a more simplistic approach.

I think you should try them out and see if they appeal to you.

But JSF would be the mainstream road forward. Mainstream does not
imply better, but it does imply easier to find expertise.


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