Re: Updating to Java 5

Lew <>
Thu, 24 May 2007 08:06:25 -0400
Smoogle wrote:

Please forgive my terminology...
My new job means that I'll be supporting & enhancing a 4 year old
struts application.
It uses the JDK 1.3
It runs on jakarta-tomcat-4.1.24
It is deployed to remote laptops via Java Web Start (1.0.1 I think)
It connects to an Oracle 9i database.

Before I get too busy making the application better, I want to upgrade
the various versions

Does anyone know of any issues that I might face when I upgrade to
Java 5, Tomcat 5 and the latest Java Web Start?

Upgrade to Java 5 should be relatively painless, unless the 1.3-based code
uses "enum" or "assert" as identifiers. Even then you can compile code
"-target 1.3".

Java 1.4 came out five years ago. Java 5 came out two-and-a-half years ago.
Java 6 is already out, and has been for months. Why did you settle on a
version that is not the latest?

Tomcat should give no upgrade issues.

Web Start isn't dependent on the Java version. Au contraire you can set it up
to ensure the client has any particular version the program needs.


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