"Andrew Thompson" <u32984@uwe>
Thu, 13 Sep 2007 09:12:25 GMT
Manish Hatwalne wrote:

Let's say I have a struts action at

(all together now) "I have a struts action at"

[ Sorry Manish, I just could not resist that silly pun. ;-) ]

..and this
URL is referred from one IFRAME via "src" attribute of IFRAME. Is it
possible for me to detect inside which page is embedding it in
an IFRAME? How can I do this?

Umm.. exactly the way you would do it in DHTML?

A thing most Java programmers seem very likely
to ignore is that web based apps. utlimately come
down to HTML and JS (and CSS).

So, to put that comment (hopefully) into some sort
of relevance to your question..

Try and produce this effect in pure HTML and JS,
consulting the appropriate HTML/JS news groups.
Assuming you can come up with a pure HTML/JS
solution, code that exact same HTML/JS in your
web. app., and everything should be sweet (work
as planned).

(That may sound like a dumb and sarcastic answer,
but it is not intended as such.)

Andrew Thompson

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