Re: CStatusBar giving problems w/ pointer crash

"Ajay Kalra" <>
Thu, 14 Sep 2006 20:38:36 -0400
Are you using this code in OnInitDialog after calling the base class's

Ajay Kalra [MVP - VC++]

"Mark Randall" <> wrote in message


I am creating a status bar as follows:


and then proceding to set its panes.

CStatusBarCtrl& bar = c_StatusBar.GetStatusBarCtrl();
int align = 0;
int widths[] = {
    align+ 0, // status and time
    align+=40, // avatar
    align+=40, // bots
    align+=40, // tourists
    align+=40 };
const int parts_total = sizeof(widths) / sizeof(widths[0]);
bar.SetParts(parts_total, widths);
for (int i = 0; i < parts_total; i++)
    c_StatusBar.SetPaneStyle(i, SBPS_POPOUT);

SetPaneStyle however blows up with debug showing that it finds a null
pointer for the pane. - This code is all being executed on OnInitDialog
however doing it on other notifications (ie: buttons) fails also with the
same error.

Could anyone advise please?

- Mark Randall

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