Re: CToolBar button with text.

"Ajay Kalra" <>
Sun, 17 Feb 2008 08:24:30 -0500
This article by Paul Dilascia shows how to do this:

Here he replaces a menu by a toolbar by adding buttons with text. Here is
the code which does what you want:

  for (UINT i=0; i < n; i++) {
     TBBUTTON tbb;
     tbb.idCommand = ::GetMenuItemID(hmenu,i);
     tbb.iString = // item name, see below
     tbb.fsState = TBSTATE_ENABLED;
     tbb.fsStyle = TBSTYLE_AUTOSIZE;
     tbb.iBitmap = -1; // no icon
     tbb.idCommand = i;
     VERIFY(AddButtons(1, &tbb));

Hopefully it will be of some help.


"armistad" <> wrote in message

In my CMainFrame::OnCreate(...), I have:


buttonInfo.cbSize = sizeof(TBBUTTONINFO);
buttonInfo.dwMask = TBIF_TEXT | TBIF_STYLE;
buttonInfo.fsStyle = TBSTYLE_AUTOSIZE;
buttonInfo.pszText =

CToolBarCtrl& toolBarCtrl = m_wndToolBar.GetToolBarCtrl();
toolBarCtrl.SetButtonInfo(ID_BTN_CLOSE, &buttonInfo);

(after the m_wndToolBar member is created) which I was hoping would
set text on one of my buttons, but it doesn't appear to do anything. I
would appreciate if someone could point out what more I would need to
do so that I can get text to display on one of my buttons (I want the
other buttons to retain their image and size).

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