Re: How To: CStatubar panel Right-align text

Hector Santos <>
Sat, 27 Mar 2010 15:58:49 -0400
I need some MFC expert guidance here.

This 3rd party class at codeproject didn't provide the override for
the CStatusBar::SetPaneText().

While I dug into the code to this:

BOOL CExtStatusControlBar::SetPaneText(int nIndex, LPCTSTR
lpszNewText, BOOL bUpdate)
    if( nIndex < m_nCount && nIndex >= 0 ){
       _STATUSBAR_PANE_ pane;
       if (PaneInfoGet(nIndex, &pane)) {
          for ( int i = 0; i < m_arrPaneControls.GetSize(); i++ ){
             if (m_arrPaneControls[i]->nID == pane.nID) {
                _STATUSBAR_PANE_CTRL_ *pc = m_arrPaneControls[i];
                if( pc ) {
                   return TRUE;
                return FALSE;
          // regular CStatusBar pane
          return CStatusBar::SetPaneText( nIndex, lpszNewText, bUpdate);
    return FALSE;

I would like to simplify this by getting the specific CStatusBar pane
window handle so I can take control of the attributes. I just don't
see any public members in its in CStatusBar or its base CControlBar
class to access the pane windows.

Do you see how without duplicating this class?


Hector Santos wrote:

I'm sure the coding logic is there to access the panel CWnd, but I
picked up an cool CStatusBar subclass that provided plug and play
flexibility of adding more controls to the status bar.

Easy method to a label control and hence easy preparation for the
alignment, font, coloring, etc.

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