Re: How to subclass an MFC window?

"David Webber" <>
Fri, 25 Jun 2010 18:30:15 +0100
"David Lowndes" <DavidL@example.invalid> wrote in message

Nowadays CMainFrame is derived from CMDIFrameWndEx and this has a member

CMDIClientAreaWnd m_wndClientArea;

and (I think) because a CWnd object already exists for the MDI client
then SubclassWindow() doesn't work on it.

I wonder if you can handle the message some other way - perhaps in the
application's PreTranslateMessage handler?

Sounds like a plausible idea for one message for that particular window -

But it sounds pretty horrible for a whole property page and all its
controls. BUT.....

Please forgive me if I think aloud here, as something might be dawning on me
in real time as I type.

The App Wizard has given me:

void CMainFrame::OnViewCustomize()
  CMFCToolBarsCustomizeDialog* pDlgCust
        = new CMFCToolBarsCustomizeDialog(this, TRUE);

so I can derive a class from CMFCToolBarsCustomizeDialog, and use that

This is a property sheet with a number of property pages, including

  CMFCToolBarsKeyboardPropertyPage* m_pKeyboardPage;

which allows the user to set a new keyboard shortcut. No whilst I can't
easily get at the property *page*, the property *sheet* (which I *can*
subclass) has lots of virtual members, including

    virtual BOOL OnAssignKey( ACCEL *pAccel ) { return TRUE; }

It *looks* like this gets called with the newly selected accelerator, and I
can do what I want with it and return FALSE to tell MFC to ignore it!

This is looking very promising!!!!!!!!

Shortcut keys like ^ > + - are very useful mnemonics for music applications.
Equally Ctrl+> etc are very useful shortcuts.
But I want it to appear as Ctrl+> on the menu, and not Ctrl+Shift+.
And I want to define these shortcuts for all national keyboards (even if >
isn't Shift+.)
Accelerators are not up to the job, so I rolled my own method, built into
WM_KEYDOWN and WM_CHAR processing. Maybe I *will* be able to integrate it
with the new customisable toolbars!!!!
A nice thought on which to end the week (especially as I'm out all weekend
playing on bandstands.)

David Webber
Mozart Music Software
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