Re: 'SendMessage' is not a member of CEdit, See declaration of 'CEdit'

David Wilkinson <>
Thu, 08 Jun 2006 14:51:47 -0400
PSN wrote:

Error message:
error C2039: 'SendMessage' : is not a member of 'CEdit'
c:\programme\microsoftvisualstudio\vc98\mfc\include\afxwin.h(2974) :
see declaration of 'CEdit'

PSN wrote:

to shed some more light on the issue:

CEdit is derived with pubilc access rights from CWnd, which defines the
member function, SendMessage.

I have defined a cutstom class (CCustomClass1) deriving from one of the
childs of childs of CControlBar. One of its members being an object of
CEdit (m_wndChild). Now in the other custom member functions of
CCustomClass1, i use m_wndChild.SendMessage.

And this is where i get this error message.

Prakash ..

PSN wrote:

Kurt wrote:

It's not a member of CEdit but it is a member of it's base class CWnd.

thats right ... But ist the criteria that its a member of CWnd(its base
class) enough to use this function in my program?


"PSN" <> wrote in message

Can any one tell me what makes my compiler think that. Its making me
crazy !! I am using VC++ 6.0.



As Ajay says, SendMessage() is a macro. The fact that the compiler
complains about SendMessage() and not SendMessageA() or SendMessageW()
suggests that you have not included winuser.h. Don't you have an
stdafx.h for this project?

David Wilkinson

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