Re: Updating CTreeCtrl from other view ?

David Wilkinson <>
Thu, 17 Jul 2008 08:29:18 -0400
Ravnock wrote:

I understood the updating mechanism between views and controls in the view
->direction direction.

But in the inverse case:

I have my CPropertiesWnd class child of CDockablePane, with a reference to a
CMFCPropertyGridCtrl. (Like the wizard example).

In the CMainFrame class (child of CFrameWndEx) I have a reference to

I change a property value in the property window.

What I must do?

What are the classes involved and how?


I am not familiar with the new Feature Pack, so I'm not sure I can really help
you, but as a point of nomenclature you should not use the word "child" when you
mean "sub-class". The parent-child relationship in Windows has nothing whatever
to do with the C++ class system.

The way controls normally work is that they send messages to their parent. In
some cases, e.g. CDialogBar, MFC re-routes these messages to its parent (the
grand-parent of the control).

David Wilkinson
Visual C++ MVP

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