Re: Dynamically loading pieces of a bitmap file to an image list

"djohnson" <>
24 Jun 2006 18:25:07 -0700
Thanks, I did find the GetDC command but still having trouble....

I'm trying to follow instructions but everything seems so CRYPTIC! that
I'm sorry to say that I am looking forward to completing this project
and moving onto .Net next time... here is what I got.. and for
onlookers this DOES NOT WORK... it comes up with a blank, black,
100x100 square instaead of the 100x100 space of the image file I am
trying to select....

BOOL CFormView1::OnInitDialog()
    m_imageList1.Create(100,100,ILC_COLOR24,1,1); // not sure which color
depth I should select... tried them all...!

    HBITMAP hBitmap =

    BITMAP bmpInfo;
    GetObject(hBitmap, sizeof(bmpInfo), &bmpInfo);

    CBitmap bmp;

    CDC *pDC,DCMem;

    pDC = GetDC();



    CBitmap bmp2add;
    bmp2add.CreateCompatibleBitmap(pDC,100,100); // do not know if this
is what I should have done

    m_imageList1.Add(&bmp2add, RGB(255,0,255) );


    return TRUE;

I'm most unsure about the line with 'CreateCompatibleBitmap'. Again
this just seems ridiculously cryptic, as if C++ alone is not hard
enough to learn. Don't mean to have a bad attitude... it's just that
there are no errors generated here but it does not work... and it's
difficult to ascertain what methods themselves are supposed to do for
the first time user....

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