Re: document class

mfc <>
Thu, 23 Sep 2010 03:45:43 -0700 (PDT)
my class CMIAppView : public CFormView is now complete free from every
class - except the document class.

void CMIAppView::OnInitialUpdate()

    //start http, thread from the document class in the init method

                 //get information from the xml file for the view at
    CStringArray *m_XmlUserList = GetDocument()->GetDocData(0);

                 //update all controls with this Array

                //maybe its also a good decision to get the font of
each view also from the document
                m_ViewFont = GetDocument()->GetFont();

Next function is the OnUpdate() -> to update all view controls as well
as the font - only a small installation.

void CMIAppView::OnUpdate(CView* pSender, LPARAM lHint, CObject*
pHint )

    if(lHint == 0 && pHint == NULL)
    { /* do nothing */
        CFormView::OnUpdate(pSender, lHint, pHint);
    } /* do nothing */

    //setfont for this view
    case CMIAppDoc::SetFont:

                 case CMIAppDoc::SetControls:
                          //pHint will be a CStringList including all
params for all view controls


now talking about the doc class::

class CMIAppDoc : public CDocument


                 typedef enum {

        SetFont = 1,
        SetControls = 2,


                 CXmlFile XmlFile;
                 CNetwork m_network;
                 CDisplay m_display;



As you can see, I`ve still a member variable of each class (CDisplay,
CNetwork, CXmlFile) in the document class, because I don`t know where
I have to install these members and how do I access their specific
classes... It would be nice if you could show me a small example for
e.g. the CDisplay class.

BOOL CMIAppDoc::OnNewDocument()
    if (!CDocument::OnNewDocument())
        return FALSE;

               // specify xml file name
               CString strFileName (_T("userdata.xml"));

                //load xml data from CXmlFile Class
                   return FALSE;

             //init brightness (stored in the xml file)
             POSITION pos = XmlFile.FindIndex(CMIAppDoc::Brightness);
             CString bright = XmlFile.GetAt(pos);

   return TRUE;

BOOL CMIAppDoc::Init(void)

     //start http thread (called from OnInitialUpdate())


The next method will be called if the client user has changed some
settings by the webserver or by the display menue. CStringList slist
includes the new information.

BOOL CMIAppDoc::SetParam(CStringList& slist, UINT nbr)
   case SET_NETWORK:

            //set new network params
                   return FALSE; //error during set network params


   case SET_DISPLAY:

              return FALSE;


       return FALSE;


This function will be called, if the user sends a get message to the
webserver: -> we need the required information which were displayed on
this page from the xml file. For example, the user called the page
where he can change the display settings, the list-Array will include
all these information.

CStringArray* CMIAppDoc::GetArray(UINT nbr)

best regards

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