Re: comctrl6.0 problem with manifest

"Tom Serface" <>
Mon, 5 Mar 2007 07:21:56 -0800
If you did something like this:

You will get the XP look and feel when running on XP for the standard
controls. If you use any owner drawn controls or other specialized
backgrounds, etc. they will look the same as before. The standard colors for
the background are determined by the system colors. Are you doing anything
to attempt to change the background color of your formview dialog? What
about the backgrounds of the dialogs on your tab control? You could embed
a property sheet instead of using a tab control if your tabs are all


"Pierre Nord" <non> wrote in message


   I'm using Visual 6.0 - To have xp look and feel, i use the well know
standard manifest. It works for many controls, but not all. My main
problem is when i create a dialog box with visual and apply the manifest
under xp, it works, but if i create a personnal formview (CFormView base
class) and i insert it in a CTabCtrl, the CTabCtrl have a nice look and
feel, the buttons too, the controls inside the CFormView too... But the
background of the formview is awfull, a sort of mix between win95 and xp.
How can i correct that ? Did i miss something important here ?


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