Re: How to suppress All the UIs in MFC application

"Carl Daniel [VC++ MVP]" <>
Fri, 28 Jul 2006 07:18:40 -0700
Uday wrote:

   I have one Wizard application ( using CPropertySheet and
CPropertyPage ) ready with me which gets some inputs from user
through UI.Now I want the application to take input from command line
and run it, so how do I suppress all the UIs in my application (
including Messageboxes ).

There's no systematic way to "suppress" the UI - you have to write code to
make your program work both ways.

One approach:
   - Refactor your program into a GUI (a .exe) and the actual business logic
(guts) of the program (a .dll)
   - Write a new console application (.exe) that parses information from the
command line and passes it to the same guts (.dll)

If you take that approach, you can take advantage of a quirk of the command
   - Name your GUI shell MyProgram.exe
   - Name your command line shell
   - Make the console application run the GUI application if no command line
parameters were specified.

Create shortcuts, etc, for the GUI so they reference MyProgram.exe, as a
user would expect. But when a user runs MyProgram from the command line,
the windows shell will find before it finds MyProgram.exe, so
the command-line user gets the command-line experience while the GUI user
get the GUI experience.


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