Re: how to switch between property pages using another application?

"David Ching" <>
Sun, 01 Jul 2007 20:21:17 GMT
<> wrote in message

Hi, experts

I have an applications A which consists 4 property pages. I want to
write another application to switch the property pages in application
A. How to do it?

Property sheets switch pages in response to PSM_SETCURSEL. Therefore, just
do a

    // nPage is desired page; 0 <= nPage < 4
    ::SendMessage (hwndPropSheet, PSM_SETCURSEL, nPage, 0);

In fact, the MFC code is this:

BOOL CPropertySheet::SetActivePage(int nPage)
 if (m_hWnd == NULL)
  m_psh.nStartPage = nPage;
  return TRUE;
 return (BOOL)SendMessage(PSM_SETCURSEL, nPage);

Of course, all the rules about sending a message to a HWND of a different
process apply. I would replace SendMessage with PostMessage to avoid
hanging problems if App A is hung, you don't want to hang the app that is
trying to change the pages too:

    ::PostMessage (hwndPropSheet, PSM_SETCURSEL, nPage, 0);

But as the MFC code shows, the return value from SendMessage is a BOOL
whether it succeeded or not. If this is important to you, you need to keep
the SendMessage in order to get a return value. You can use
SendMessageAsync() instead to at least not infinitely hang if app A is hung.

-- David

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