Re: EnterCriticalSection() is corrupting my heap

"Oleg Starodumov" <com-dot-debuginfo-at-oleg>
Wed, 24 May 2006 16:52:42 +0300

In my outside code:


    // Some code

    m_pCS = pCS; <= This assignement is not working correctly and after
assignment m_pCS points to some garbage memory location

So any idea what is wrong?

There can be a problem with the way the function is called (I mean the function
that instantiates CAutoLock object). It could be that it is called via a bad object
pointer, as a result "this" pointer passed to the function contains wrong value,
and so on. The next time you reproduce the problem, take a look at the value
of "this" passed to that function, and check if it's correct.

I mean something like this:

class CObj
  void YourFunc(); // instantiates CAutoLock and passes it &m_cs

CObj pObj; // not initialized, for example
pObj->YourFunc(); // when it is called, "this" pointer is bad, and thus pointers to
  // its data members will also be bad

Generic safety checks for heap corruptions with PageHeap would not harm too,
try to enable it as described here:


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