Re: EnterCriticalSection() is corrupting my heap

Murrgon <>
Wed, 24 May 2006 10:35:46 -0400
You haven't called InitializeCriticalSection(&m_cs). Without
doing this, you are using an unitialized critical section.

Arsalan Ahmad wrote:


Yes i use HeapCreate() and HeapAlloc().

I have a class object which is created on the heap and I have a member
variable in this class of type CRITICALSECTION (say m_cs). Inside one of my
class function when I call EnterCriticalSection(&m_cs) then this problem
occurs. Ok may be its not because of critical section because at the place
in code where EnterCriticalSection() was being called I create and
CAutoLock() object and pass my pointer to CRITICALSECTION object to it
(CAutoLock just call EnterCriticalSection in its constructor and
LeaveCriticalSection in its destructor). In the constructor when I try to
save pointer of critical section to the class member (CRITICALSECTION
*m_pCS) of CAutoLock then although it is pointer assignment but after
assignement the class member has some garbage data.

In my outside code:


    // Some code

    m_pCS = pCS; <= This assignement is not working correctly and after
assignment m_pCS points to some garbage memory location

So any idea what is wrong?



Any idea whats wrong?

"Oleg Starodumov" <com-dot-debuginfo-at-oleg> wrote in message

I have developed a static library which I am using in one of my
In my library I have created my own heap and all the objects (class
in my application are created in that heap. What I have observed is that
my library at a certain place when I call EnterCriticalSection() to an
object allocated at my heap, it is corrupting my heap. I am using Windows
and visual studio 8.0. Any hint how can I solve this problem?

How exactly do you create and use the heap?
Do you use HeapCreate/HeapAlloc/etc., or some other approach?
How do you detect the heap corruption?
How do you allocate memory for the CRITICAL_SECTION structure?
How do you pass this CRITICAL_SECTION to EnterCriticalSection?

Code samples would be helpful.

[VC++ MVP]

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