Re: How to copy a dialog resource from an EXE to a DLL

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Thu, 10 Jan 2008 15:01:08 -0800
The purpose is to construct an import wizard framework consisting of four
dialogs, that last three of which are generic (put in a DLL) to any appl
using the framework (either an EXE or another DLL). Unlike dialog 2-4, dialog
1 in the framework has a generic, default implementation but I want this one
to be overriden by different applications that can have custom requirements.

Resources to not enjoy the polymorphic behavior that their companion classes
enjoy. So while I can set a class with it's custom message map on top of the
frame to complete a four-step import process, the dialog resource for that
class does not port the same way.

I need to have my framework dynamically execute any custom dialog class with
its resource as that 1st dialog in the 4-step import wizard.

Unfortunately, when the framework invokes the DoModal() for that custom
class given to it, there isn't a dialog resource to display. The references
are in place e.g. resource ID in tied to the custom dialog within the
framework DLL, but the actual resource won't copy to the framework DLL. So
nothing displays.


"Serge Wautier" wrote:

Out of curiosity, what's the purpose?

Serge. - Localization tool for your MFC applications

"Jay" <> wrote in message

Does anyone know how to do this? I tried using the sample code in MSDN,
condensed below. Using the IDE I looked at "result" and it was true. All
preceding variables appeared to have valid handles. But when I check the
second instance of "DlgStep1Resource", it is NULL.

Can anyone help me.

Thank you very much.

void CImportController::SetResource(UINT DlgResourceID)
HGLOBAL DlgStep1ResourceHandle;
HMODULE ParentModule;
HRSRC DlgStep1Resource;
HANDLE hdlUpdateResource;
LPVOID pTemplate;

ParentModule = ::LoadLibrary("ImportPrototype.exe");

DlgStep1Resource = FindResource(ParentModule,

DlgStep1ResourceHandle = ::LoadResource(ParentModule, DlgStep1Resource);

pTemplate = (LPVOID) ::LockResource(DlgStep1ResourceHandle);

hdlUpdateResource = ::BeginUpdateResource("ImportWizardFrameworkD.DLL",

DWORD ressize = SizeofResource(ParentModule, DlgStep1Resource);

BOOL result = ::UpdateResource(hdlUpdateResource, // update resource
MAKEINTRESOURCE(RT_DIALOG), // change dialog box
MAKEINTRESOURCE(DlgResourceID), // dialog box name
pTemplate, // ptr to resource info
ressize); // size of resource info.

result = ::EndUpdateResource(hdlUpdateResource, FALSE);

// See if the dialog really got copied
ParentModule = ::LoadLibrary("ImportWizardFrameworkD.DLL");

DlgStep1Resource = FindResource(ParentModule,

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