RE: How to copy a dialog resource from an EXE to a DLL

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Thu, 10 Jan 2008 15:16:01 -0800
As a followup to my problem we can put this one in the ground. The code will
work when copying resources from an EXE to anotherer EXE but for some reason
we cannot copy a resource from an EXE to a DLL.

Now, we can compile resources into a DLL...sooooo, why can't we put
resources into a DLL at runtime like we would an EXE?

That is just a rhetorical question.

The answer I want to give would be neither professional nor appropriate for
this forum. But it has to do with 20+ years of experience programming in a
Microsoft environment.

Thank you,


"Jay" wrote:

Does anyone know how to do this? I tried using the sample code in MSDN,
condensed below. Using the IDE I looked at "result" and it was true. All the
preceding variables appeared to have valid handles. But when I check the
second instance of "DlgStep1Resource", it is NULL.

Can anyone help me.

Thank you very much.

void CImportController::SetResource(UINT DlgResourceID)
    HGLOBAL DlgStep1ResourceHandle;
    HMODULE ParentModule;
    HRSRC DlgStep1Resource;
    HANDLE hdlUpdateResource;
    LPVOID pTemplate;

    ParentModule = ::LoadLibrary("ImportPrototype.exe");

    DlgStep1Resource = FindResource(ParentModule,

    DlgStep1ResourceHandle = ::LoadResource(ParentModule, DlgStep1Resource);

    pTemplate = (LPVOID) ::LockResource(DlgStep1ResourceHandle);

    hdlUpdateResource = ::BeginUpdateResource("ImportWizardFrameworkD.DLL",

    DWORD ressize = SizeofResource(ParentModule, DlgStep1Resource);

    BOOL result = ::UpdateResource(hdlUpdateResource, // update resource
                            MAKEINTRESOURCE(RT_DIALOG), // change dialog box
                            MAKEINTRESOURCE(DlgResourceID), // dialog box name
                            MAKELANGID(LANG_NEUTRAL, SUBLANG_NEUTRAL), // neutral language
                            pTemplate, // ptr to resource info
                            ressize); // size of resource info.

    result = ::EndUpdateResource(hdlUpdateResource, FALSE);

    // See if the dialog really got copied
    ParentModule = ::LoadLibrary("ImportWizardFrameworkD.DLL");

    DlgStep1Resource = FindResource(ParentModule,

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