Re: Designing a hashing function in C++

"Igor Tandetnik" <>
Tue, 24 Jun 2008 07:53:04 -0400
"Jack" <> wrote in message

What is the general approach to design a hashing function without

There ain't no such thing. The whole point of a hash function is to map
a large number of possible values to a smaller number of keys. Since
there are more values than keys, you would necessarily have collisions.

static inline int computeHash(int x,int z)
 int hash = z<<16|x;

Use XOR (^) instead. With OR, keys with more 1-bits will occur
disproportionately more often than keys with more 0-bits. You want your
hash to be as close to uniformly distributed as possible.

Do you expect z to be small most of the time? If not, don't shift. You
lose high-order bits: if they are significant this would increase the
number of collisions.
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